Thanks to the community support, Haystack Connect 2017 has a great cast of Speakers to bring everyone up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies.

Systems Architect, Intel

Rita is a Systems Architect with the Industrial & Energy Solutions Division in the Internet of Things Group at Intel Corporation.

Principal, IoTsense

As a principal engineer at Intel prior to founding IoTsense, Mr. Milenkovic led a number of projects involving IoT, distributed systems, smart buildings and energy management.

Communications Director, CABA

Rawlson O’Neil King is an expert on green buildings, smart homes and smart communities,

Performance Assurance Engineer,

Zach coordinates a cloud-based analytics platform that collects, analyzes, and reports from Building Automation System (BAS) data.

Principal, Intelligent Buildings, LLC

Rob has experience in strategy consulting, design and implementation of information technology to real estate organizations and commercial businesses.

Senior Associate, Altura Associates

Matthew specializes in integration of data analytics platforms to support new construction and renovation projects, and is a recognized leader in delivering turnkey building automation system retrofits.

Director, Dell

As Director of IoT Technology Partnership and Strategy Management at Dell, Satish manages Dell’s Technology Partnership and Strategy for IoT.

Program Manager, PNNL

Paul is focused on projects related to building energy efficiency, advanced controls and building-to-grid integration.

Mechanical Engineer, DLR Group

Ben specializes in providing commissioning services and other energy-efficiency consulting.

Principle Software Architect, Activelogix

Tucker is responsible for software strategy, development and design.

Co-Founder & COO, BuildingBloks, Inc.

Leo specializes in connecting equipment to enterprise software and business systems.

President, OTI

Brian is a leading-edge building master system integrator and automation solution provider.

Research Engineer, ALC

Dave joined Automated Logic in 1982 and has held a variety of engineering design and management positions.

Deployment Team Leader, BUENO Systems

Tyson's expertise encompasses 8 years of experience working as a Controls Technician.

Senior Systems Engineer, NREL

Stephen's areas of expertise are electric power distribution systems, DC power systems, linear and nonlinear optimization, and energy informatics.

Research Scientist, ENGIE Axima/LBNL

Lisa works as an affiliate research scholar on energy prediction and management for Smart Buildings.

Application Engineer, BUENO Systems

Jess is a developer of root cause analytics and a data tagging specialist at BUENO.

Managing Director, BUENO Systems

Leon Wurfel is the founder and Managing Director at BUENO.

Researcher, Hydro-Quebec

Karine is working to increase the energy efficiency of commercial and institutional buildings

Director of Analytics, Hepta Control Systems

Keith has helped drive sustainability solutions for a wide array of building types.

Partner, SkyFoundry

John Petze is a partner at SkyFoundry, the developers of SkySpark®, an analytics platform for building, energy and equipment data.

Senior Analyst, Altura Associates

Gia is a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in modeling and controls of dynamic systems.

Data Scientist and Programmer, buildingfit

Christopher Thomas, MSIS, is a Data Scientist and Programmer for buildingfit, an international engineering firm improving energy efficiency in commercial and industrial facilities.

Chief Communications Officer & VP, Marketing
Lynxspring and Connexx Energy

As Chief Communications Officer and Vice President, Marketing for Lynxspring and Connexx Energy, Marc leads corporate and product marketing strategy and execution, brand management, public relations and communications to support both companies' strategic and growth initiatives.

Product Specialist, Contemporary Controls

Zach Netsov is a Product Specialist focused on providing solutions for both small and scalable building management.

Programmer, StackHub

Steve is a programmer with a background in full stack software development.

CEO Europe, Intellastar

Terry is regarded as an innovator and thought-leader in the Building Automation, Energy and IoT sectors.

Vice President, J2 Innovations

Scott is responsible for global marketing strategy and actively participates in corporate evangelism activities.  

Product Manager, Cochrane Supply

Nicole has worked extensively with Niagara, licensing, tech support, integration support, standardization, emerging market support, OEM sales, and project take off.

CEO, IoTium

Ron Victor is a technology entrepreneur with 20 years of experience launching new ventures at start-ups and Fortune 1000 technology companies.

CEO & Co-Founder, Optigo Networks

Pook-Ping Yao is leading the company in making smart buildings smarter with an integrated networking solution for connecting the smart building and protecting it from network anomalies.

Business Development, SkyFoundry

Paul Bergquist holds a senior role in Business Development at SkyFoundry, the developers of SkySpark®, an analytics platform for building, energy and equipment data.

Software Engineer, SkyFoundry

Matthew works on the SkySpark® Analytics Platform and maintains the haystack-java reference implementation for Project Haystack.

President, sensorFact Services, Inc.

Matt Horton is a technology evangelist and software developer with experience in start-ups ranging from Telecommunications, Internet, Financial, Automotive, Building Automation & Energy Management, and IoT.

Director of Energy and Analytics, Kodaro

Jon joined the Kodaro team to lead the development of the company's analytics offerings.

Product Manager, Contemporary Controls

Harpartap is a Product Manager with a focus on industrial automation and IP routers.

President, Contemporary Controls

George Thomas is President of Contemporary Controls which designs, manufactures and markets automation products worldwide.

President, SkyFoundry

Brian Frank is considered an expert and specializes in the storage, analysis and visualization of data for IoT.

R&D Manager, Contemporary Controls

For over 20 years, Bennet has been involved in developing a wide variety of controls and communication products.

President, Connexx Energy

Anno a leading developer of applications and solutions that connect Smart Buildings with the Smart Grid.

Co-Founder, SkyFoundry

Andy has been developing software for 20 years and is a Co-Founder of SkyFoundry.


Alper Uzmezler is the CEO and creative mind of BAS Services and Graphics, LLC (BASSG).

Application Engineer, SkyFoundry

Adam Wallen, C.E.M., is a product application engineer for Skyfoundry and runs training and support.