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at Haystack Connect 2017

Data Freedom for Smart Buildings and Beyond:
Takeaways from Haystack Connect 2017

Data Freedom for Smart Buildings and Beyond: Takeaways from Haystack Connect 2017

Published on May 17, 2017
Adam Hise | Senior Associate | Harbor Research

Hundreds of building equipment, controls and software vendors descended on a sleepy resort in Tampa last week with a simple goal: solving the interoperability challenge facing the Internet of Things. To be fair, Haystack Connect’s stated purpose is enhancing data fluidity and freedom with an open source metadata framework that allows building stakeholders to unlock new value from networked devices and equipment. Don’t be fooled: Project Haystack will accomplish far more than this, and the companies that came together in Tampa know it.

Excitement was in the air at the biennial gathering of Project Haystack supporters. If the mood of 2013’s Connect was one of “I’m curious” and 2015’s was “I’m interested,” the vibe at 2017 was unmistakably “I’m ready.” The organizers and vendors I spoke with made clear that they have moved beyond simple excitement over the vision that Project Haystack paints. Equipment and controls manufacturers, software vendors and systems integrators are today creating value for themselves and clients with the framework. Intel’s recent announcement that they were joining the organization as a Founding Member further validates the feeling that this framework is ready to extend the open-source standard throughout the buildings market and beyond.

What exactly is all the fuss about?

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