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Use of Meta-Data and Semantic Tagging in BACnet® and ASHRAE Efforts on Meta-Data

Use of Meta-Data and Semantic Tagging in BACnet® and ASHRAE Efforts on Meta-Data

Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 14:00 - 14:50
Breakout Sessions Track 5

Speaker Bio

I think the audience will be very interested to hear what ASHRAE (not just BACnet) is doing for semantic tagging as well. I can announce the kickoff of ASHRAE Standard 223 "Designation and Classification of Semantic Tags for Building Data" and how is used by BACnet. And invite feedback on the mapping mechanism to Haystack and other ontologies.

I'd also like to cover the fact that BACnet metadata and ASHRAE tags are not just for Web services.  There is also a published format for automated device discovery that will be very interesting, I think.

A title will be difficult since I think the audience would like to know about:

1) The built-in metadata in the abstract model. (you would call those tags too, but we separate primary information like displayName and maximumLength into a separate class of items called "metadata" that are defined by the standard data model, as opposed to "tags" that are defined by an external list like Standard 223 or other external ontologies.

2) How metadata and tags are accessed, filtered, and queried in Web Services.

3) How the same information can be stored in files so that devices that do not support web services are still able to "answer" all the same questions.

4) What Standard 223 is proposed to be and how it defines concepts like "mutually exclusive tag groups" and "qualifying prefixes".

5) Mapping mechanism between 223 and other ontologies.  This is not one-to-one problem. It needs rules like "thisTag maps to thatTag if and only if otherTag is not also present".