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A Unified Asset Data Platform to Facilitate Translation of Standards

A Unified Asset Data Platform to Facilitate Translation of Standards

Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 14:00 - 14:25
Breakout Sessions Track 4

Speaker Bio

Over the past few years, there have been a number of standards that have started to emerge in order to unify various aspects of the built environment around a APIs and naming conventions. While Haystack is one example of these standards, there are others that affect different features or operations of a building. Just a sampling of other standards are: Hypercat for API discovery, AllJoyn for IoT Communication, Green Button for smart meter data, Orange Button for solar specification, OpenBIM for building information modeling, BuildingSync for standardizing energy audit data, and BEDES for the exchange of data about energy using facilities.

BuildingBloks is a software platform that allows all of these standards to be seamlessly integrated into any piece of software for all buildings and equipment. Our flexible approach enables users to create “Bloks”, which are chunks of code that translate from one building system to another, thus facilitating wrapping standards around all aspects of operations cleanly into one system. Once Bloks are created, we standardize them and allow them to be used throughout the ecosystem. In addition, we have added in capabilities to translate to standardized business-function APIs – for example, we are standardizing a data format for maintenance dispatch. In doing this work, we allow any software platform that interacts with a building to exchange data with any other.This is not only needed but inevitable in the building space, and we are pleased to be leading the way.