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Promoting Haystack Tagging in CMMS, EAM, and ERP for Industrial Control Integration and Predictive Maintenance

Promoting Haystack Tagging in CMMS, EAM, and ERP for Industrial Control Integration and Predictive Maintenance

Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 11:20 - 11:45
Breakout Sessions Track 5

Speaker Bio

Predictive Maintenance is an emerging maintenance strategy that has become a priority for Enterprise Application vendors as the promise of Industrial Internet of Things has begun to build awareness around the value of real-time sensor data. Many Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendors are facing a Build-or-Buy decision regarding data acquisition technologies that source real-time sensor and equipment data, and further integrate such into their overall respective Preventative and Predictive Maintenance feature-set offerings. During this time, promoting and utilizing Project Haystack, its semantic data models, and a documented API have become a remarkable starting point in the integration discussions with new service partners. For those of us in the “first-mile” Industrial Control System (ICS) Data Acquisition business that also offer an cloud-based data aggregation and integration platform, integration with well-established Enterprise Application vendors start with educating these vendors on the nuances of ICS data sources and the preponderance of malformed data conventions, and the efforts involved to normalize such data for their use. Having Project Haystack as a community driven, open source standard from which to start is making these efforts more productive in the earliest stages of technical partnerships. Further, Haystack concepts extend into the workflow and vernacular of otherwise disassociated vendors and their user bases.

In my presentation, I will:

• Describe the current market drivers for ICS to Enterprise Applications integrations targeting

Predictive Maintenance functionality.

• Present value propositions for Enterprise Vendors utilizing ICS Integration Platforms via

Haystack, vs attempting to build their own dedicated solutions

• Provide real-world examples of how well-established CMMS, EAM, and ERP vendors are

integrating ICS for Predictive Maintenance.

• Demonstrate not only how Project Haystack can be utilized to enable better integration into

new dissimilar environments, but also how the semantics help those generally unknowledgeable

of ICS gain a better understanding through usage.