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Leveraging the Open Source

Leveraging the Open Source "EdgeX Foundry" Effort with Project Haystack to Simplify Industrial IoT

Wednesday, May 10, 2017, 10:55 - 11:20
Breakout Sessions Track 5

Speaker Bio

Success in IoT hinges on partnerships for the necessary technology and skills to deploy robust solutions across myriad verticals, use cases and regions. The ability to rapidly integrate best-in-class ingredients is especially needed at the edge gateway level where fragmented southbound systems and devices meet northbound applications. 

Dell and other industry leaders recently released the EdgeX Foundry project as open source to facilitate interoperability between things, applications and services across a wide range of IoT use cases. The platform extends IoT cloud-native principles to the edge to enable highly-scalable, platform-independent solutions with the goal of unifying the partner ecosystem around an open interop core. 

Join this discussion to learn more about the EdgeX Foundry project and how it is actively working to integrate Project Haystack methodologies to simplify data modeling in deployments.