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From Tagging and Analytics to Data-Driven Maintenance

From Tagging and Analytics to Data-Driven Maintenance

Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 16:50 - 17:15
Breakout Sessions Track 3

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Haystack tagging models and analytics can be used to identify issues and optimisation opportunities on building systems. However, analytics themselves do not resolve issues and reporting issues to the building owner is often not enough. In our experience, it is the combined engagement of building owners or managers, and their contractors, that truly brings out the benefits of Haystack tags. BUENO views resulting analytics as only a starting point for a set of tools and workflows focused on engaging clients and third-party contractors. The key challenge is to adopt analytics into the building operational process.

Once triggered, the outputs of our analytics are processed and filtered by automated decision making algorithms that rate the issues based on severity and determine if they need to be raised to the sites owner and contractors. The next step in the process is for the issues that are deemed relevant by the system will be validated and triaged by our Network Operation Centre staff members. They may raise an issue straight away to a contractor or building manager depending on how time sensitive or critical the issue is and the agreed upon rectification pathways.

But most important is the next stage of an issue’s life span, which happens in our issue tracking tool: Bonfire. This is the place where all issues that have made it through the previous stages can be found, as well as a place for customers or contractors to directly raise issues and for all involved parties to comment on, progress and most importantly, resolve an issue.

A number of case studies will be presented on the value of issue workflow, triage and tracking tools, demonstrating that to get the most out of tagged data, as well as the best outcome for the customer, analytics needs to be paired with workflow tools such as Bonfire which enable you to truly deliver data driven maintenance. The case studies will also show that to effectively engage with people in various levels of the organisation, a tailored set of push and pull reporting, enterprise systems integrations and portfolio wide business intelligence is required.