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Project Haystack on the Energy Path

Project Haystack on the Energy Path

Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 16:25 - 16:50
Breakout Sessions Track 3

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Are your systems really heating and cooling when required? Does the energy find its destination properly? Those issues can be addressed with many continuous recommissioning tools, but these analyses must be customized for every installation. Such a procedure is time consuming and might be difficult to undergo once the building is commissioned.

Karine's presentation proposes an approach that tackles this very problem. An addition to the Haystack structure is proposed in order to add information about the energy that flows through the systems. Some new tags are added with a specific metadata structure.  Once created, the Haystack structure will not only be able to provide information such as, what sensors can be found in which equipment, but it will also contain the physical sequence of the system components. It is, therefore, possible to follow the energy flows in the system and thus develop tools to evaluate its energy performance without spending time and money in system recognition.