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Using the Sedona Framework™ to Create a Truly Open Controller

Using the Sedona Framework™ to Create a Truly Open Controller

Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 16:25 - 16:50
Breakout Sessions Track 2

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The popularity of open systems continues, and when we discuss open controllers we immediately think of the BACnet® open protocol.  But a BACnet-compliant controller does not mean anyone can program the controller due to licensing or programmer access restrictions.  

This presentation defines how an open controller can be created with the following attributes:

  • An open protocol for network communications - BACnet
  • An open programming language for implementing control strategies – Sedona Framework
  • A programming tool that is available to systems integrators without restriction – Sedona Applications Editor
  • A community of developers and integrators that share technology for the public good – Sedona Alliance

The Sedona Framework drag-and-drop programming language allows for components to be assembled onto a wire sheet to create applications.  Most importantly, it is freely-available for all to use.