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Go Big or Go Home: Lessons Learned from Large Scale Deployments of Data Analytics

Go Big or Go Home: Lessons Learned from Large Scale Deployments of Data Analytics

Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 11:20 - 11:45
Breakout Sessions Track 2

Speaker Bio

buildingfit’s experience building SkySpark® sites with hundreds of thousands of points and covering millions of square feet made us realize that we needed to “Go Big or Go Home". 

Accordingly, we have created tools at each step of the site-building process that help us get large SkySpark deployments off the ground quickly: 

  • Monitoring System Health: We utilize tools native to building systems and servers alongside traffic monitoring to ensure that SkySpark integration will not interfere with building operation. Whether it's Haystack or BACnet®, automated diagnostics report on network traffic, server capacity, and server health. 
  • Batch Point Exporter: Our custom export function queries connectors for all available points, replacing point-and-click site-building with a batch process to create a single comprehensive points list. 
  • Machine Learning to Discover and Tag Points: Our in-house developed SkySpark app, Trendly, imports points from a variety of building system formats and uses machine learning techniques to identify and tag points. As we collect more point names over time, the auto-naming algorithm "learns" and becomes more versatile. In addition, we are exploring text-mining techniques to easily distinguish between points that we use for analytics and those we do not. 
  • Point Library: Our standard point library ensures consistent point naming within and across SkySpark projects, and makes it easy to apply the correct Haystack tags every time. In addition, changes and additions to the Haystack convention are easily deployed. 
  • Data Loss Reports: Large projects amplify the challenge of finding and correcting non-communicating points. Our automated data loss reports email a fresh list of problem points every night, making it easier to track down and fix data connection problems quickly.