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Richmond, VA - April 13, 2017 - Project Haystack (, a non-profit, 501(c) organization focused on developing common standards to streamline the interchange of data among today’s smart devices, systems and equipment, is pleased to announce the final Keynote Speakers and Technical Program for the third biennial Haystack Connect Conference 2017 beginning May 8, 2017 at the Saddlebrook Resort Tampa.

This year’s conference will bring together industry leaders, end-users and corporate representatives involved in automation, control and Internet of Things applications to share the latest techniques for managing, presenting and analyzing the vast amount of data generated by today’s smart devices and equipment systems in applications including intelligent buildings, energy, HVAC, lighting, remote monitoring, and other smart-device applications. The Haystack Connect 2017 Keynote Speakers and Special Guest Speaker lined up for Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, May 9th  and 10th are:

  • Rita H. Wouhaybi, Ph.D., a System Architect in the Industrial & Energy Solutions Division of the Internet of Things Group at Intel®, will make her Keynote Presentation on “Beyond Buildings: Data Models and Project Haystack”.
  • Milan Milenkovic, Principal at IoTsense, will make his Keynote Presentation on “IoT Semantic Interoperability and Project Haystack: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship”. The importance of IoT interoperability is widely acknowledged and touted by standards and vendors. Mr. Milenkovic will present his thoughts on the pragmatic path to achieving IoT data and meta-data interoperability in the world of competing IoT standards, and what role Project Haystack may play in that process.
  • Rawlson O’Neil King, Communications Director, CABA, will present "Intelligent Buildings and the Impact of the Internet of Things". This presentation will provide a high-level synopsis of “CABA’s Intelligent Building and the Impact of the Internet of Things” research project. This landmark research study examined many major aspects of IoT related to buildings, including: state of the market, trends, business opportunities, technical barriers and opportunities, along with future market direction.

Taking place May 8 - 10, 2017 at the Saddlebrook Resort Tampa near Tampa, Florida, the Haystack Connect 2017 Conference will be split into two tracks of Technical Sessions focused on a wide range of topics that can effectively bring data together for improved systems and equipment performance. The Technical Program includes sessions conducted by industry experts that will get down to the real issues of connecting smart devices and their data to create real solutions. Sessions include:

Project Haystack Technology:

  • Introduction to Project Haystack and Data Modeling
  • An Introduction to Project Haystack for Facility Managers
  • Project Haystack and the End User – How Owners Benefit from Project Haystack
  • Deep Dive into the Haystack 3.0 Meta Model and the Haystack 3.0 Authentication Model
  • Time Series Data and Haystack - Transforming Real-Time Data into Actionable Information, and Provide the Means to Analyze and Visualize the Data to Assist in the Business Decision Processes
  • When Tags Are Introduced to Numbers, the Sum is Greater than the Whole
  • Review of Major Additions to the Haystack Tagging Library and Equipment System Models
  • Statistical Learning


  • Security for Our Devices and Systems; Protect the BAS; Secure the Data; Isolate Every Stream; Virtualize the Edge
  • Using SSL and VPNs to Provide Security for Connected Systems
  • Why Building Services Warrant a Dedicated Networking Infrastructure

Tools & Applications:

  • Implementing Haystack Tagging with Wire Sheet Programming Tools
  • Open-Source Tools for Haystack Data Modeling
  • Network Analytics: The Next Big Thing to Improve Performance and Reliability of Building Systems
  • Integrating Niagara 4 Data and Tags Automatically with a Haystack Sync Service
  • Package Management and E-commerce Portal for the Haystack Community
  • A Unified Asset Data Platform to Facilitate Translation of Standards
  • Wired and Wireless Communications Options and Challenges in Building IoT Applications
  • Building Analytics Beyond HVAC and Metering

Real-World IoT Deployments:

  • Industrial IoT & Connected Buildings - Understanding Challenges, Benefits, Vulnerabilities and the Role of Meta-Data Tagging
  • Large Scale IoT Architectures - The Role of the Cloud and the Edge - Lessons Learned in Large Scale Cellular-Connected System
  • Go Big or Go Home: Lessons Learned from Large Scale Deployments of Data Analytics

Next-Generation Hardware:

  • Hobbyist Computers – Is Control and Data Modeling Now Free?
  • Using the Sedona Framework to Create a Truly Open Controller
  • The Open Source “Studs” Effort – Building Reliable Embedded Software with Fantom

The Community – Bringing Together Standards Groups and Open Source Communities:

  • Use of Meta-Data and Semantic Tagging in BACnet® and ASHRAE Efforts on Meta-Data
  • Leveraging the Open Source "edgeXfoundry" Effort with Project Haystack to Simplify Industrial IoT
  • Department of Energy Support for Fault Detection & Diagnostics
  • The Sedona Alliance – Furthering the Options for Open Control Platforms
  • Promoting Haystack Tagging in CMMS, EAM, and ERP for Industrial Control System Integration and Predictive Maintenance

Haystack in Projects:

  • Leveraging Haystack Tagging to Enable Root Cause Analysis at Scale
  • Project Haystack on the Energy Path
  • From Tagging and Analytics to Data-Driven Maintenance

The Haystack Connect Conferences are produced by the Project Haystack Organization, a 501(c) non-profit industry association. All work produced by the corporate membership of Project Haystack is made available as open source.

Haystack Connect 2017 is being sponsored by over 24 industry leaders including the following: Community Champion is Intel®; Platinum Sponsors include J2 Innovations, KMC Controls, Kodaro, Siemens, SkyFoundry, Tridium and Yardi; Gold Sponsors are Airmaster Australia, BUENO Systems, Cochrane Supply & Engineering and Lynxspring; Silver Sponsors are ActiveLogix, Altura Associates, BAS Services & Graphics, Connexx Energy, Connect-Air, Contemporary Controls, Dell, Intellastar, IoTium, MAMAC Systems, Measurlogic, Legrand, Optigo Networks and Viconics.

The Project Haystack members and supporting companies work to advance the use of a standardized approach to semantic tagging to describe the meaning of smart device data. This allows software applications to automatically consume, interpret, analyze and present data from smart devices, smart equipment and systems for IoT. The community-developed supporting materials include detailed documentation describing data modeling techniques, significant libraries of equipment models, and software reference implementations allowing software applications to easily consume smart device data that is marked up with the “Haystack Tags”.

More information about the Haystack Connect 2017 Conference is available at: The full Technical Program can be viewed at The line-up of 42 speakers marks a mile-stone for the Project Haystack Organization as the producer of the increasingly valuable and popular Haystack Connect Conferences.

Conference Registration for Haystack Connect 2017 can be completed online at:

More information about the Haystack methodology, the Project Haystack Organization and membership is available at:

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Since its formation in March of 2011, the Project Haystack Organization (a 501(c) non-profit trade association) has been providing the industry with an open-source, collaborative environment to address the challenge of making data self-describing using semantic modeling, also known as data tagging. The work developed by the Project Haystack member companies and community streamlines the process of managing, presenting and analyzing the vast amount of data produced by smart devices and equipment systems. The Haystack methodology can be used with virtually any type of system and device data and is not tied to any vendor or communication protocol. More information about Project Haystack is available at:


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