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Richmond, VA - March 2, 2017 - Project Haystack (, a collaborative community addressing the challenge of utilizing semantic modeling and tagging to streamline the interchange of data among different systems, devices, equipment and software applications in order to lower the cost of intelligent building and solutions for the internet of Things (IoT), today announced that Intel® has joined the Project Haystack Organization as a Founding Member and will hold a seat on the Board of Directors.

"Having Intel join the Project Haystack Organization is very exciting for us," said John Petze, Executive Director of Project Haystack. "In the past year we have seen tremendous growth in our industry defining interoperability standards for smart buildings and a better IoT, and the Haystack methodology has gained significant acceptance. Having Intel as a member on the Board of Directors will be a great asset as the organization continues to focus on its mission to make IoT device data self-describing and easier to use across applications of all types."

The Project Haystack member companies have defined an easy-to-use methodology to describe the meaning of smart device data using a simple, extensible data-tagging approach called "Haystack Tagging" and standard models for common equipment systems. The open community-developed materials include detailed documentation describing the data modeling techniques, significant libraries of equipment models, and software reference implementations allowing software applications to easily consume smart device data that is marked up with the "Haystack Tags". These data descriptors allow software applications to automatically consume, interpret, analyze and present data from smart devices, smart equipment and systems for IoT.

Intel joins these existing Founding Member and board member companies: Airmaster, J2 Innovations, Wattstopper, Legrand, Lynxspring, Siemens, SkyFoundry and Yardi and Associate Member companies: Altura Associates, Arup, BASSG, Bueno Systems, CABA, Connexx Energy, Controlco, Grosvenor Engineering Group, Intellastar, Intelligent Buildings, IoT Warez, KMC Controls, KNX Association, sensorFact Services, Inc.

More information about the Haystack methodology, the Project Haystack Organization and membership is available at:

About Project Haystack

Since its formation in March of 2011, the Project Haystack Organization (a 501(c) non-profit trade association) has been providing the industry with an open-source, collaborative environment to address the challenge of making data self-describing using semantic modeling, also known as data tagging. The work developed by the Project Haystack member companies and community streamlines the process of managing, presenting and analyzing the vast amount of data produced by smart devices and equipment systems. The Haystack methodology can be used with virtually any type of system and device data and is not tied to any vendor or communication protocol. More information about Project Haystack is available at:


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